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Packing 101 – Hand Luggage

Does the thought of packing take away some of the excitement of your next trip? Read on for some tips on how to pack better and stress less, when taking only hand luggage.

  1. Roll

I find rolling your clothes to be a huge space saver and also helps to stop creasing, win-win!

2. Go lightweight

Get yourself a lightweight suitcase. Heavyweight suitcases count for a lot of kilos without even having anything in them! Lightweight suitcases are also easier to zip shut when you’ve gone and packed 20 outfits for a weekend city break, you know, just in case.

3. Use the space

I normally take a small suitcase and a small rucksack as most airlines allow this (watch out for EasyJet though). I also take a nice ‘going out’ bag in my case and pack this full with underwear, socks, belts and whatever else will squeeze in to it. This can save a lot of space, especially if the bag your packing is one of those that won’t squash flat anyway.

Sticking any other items that will fit in to shoes is also a good move (and save your hotel rooms shower caps to stick around the bottom of your shoes to keep things clean)

4. Make a list

And stick to it (as long as it doesn’t include 10 tops, 4 pairs of jeans, 6 pairs of shoes and 12 dresses for a 3 day trip..).

5. Plan

Planning your outfits in advance is a lifesaver. Think about how many days your going for and try to stick to one day outfit and one night outfit for each day of your trip. Inevitably you will probably chuck in the extra dress or ‘nice top and jeans,’ you know, just in case but that’s what the other tips have made room for anyway!

6. Do you really need that?

As your packing think about the items you’re putting in and if you really need them or not. Check the weather before hand and pack to match it, unless the weather is like the UK and then you’re on your own!

7. Wear it

If you know you’ll wear the same pair of jeans for most of the time, wear them there. This’ll leave space for another pair in your suitcase for when you wanna change things up. Try to wear your heaviest items to travel in and then you’ll be able to throw in as many lightweight dresses and tops as you like!

8. Toiletries

Surely everyone hates packing toiletries? For me it’s a nightmare as I only ever travel with hand luggage unless I’m going for a week or more. I like to collect the little clear toiletry bags from the airports so that I can put everything in this before actually getting to the airport. Again, think about what you really need. Try to limit yourself to one perfume and does anyone even bother taking shower gel, shampoo or conditioners these days? Hotels have it all and if you’ve forgotten something chances are that the hotel will give you freebies. If you use liquid foundation I’d recommend finding a good powder option too for when you do only want to take hand luggage.

9. Shoes

If, like me, you never know what shoes you’ll need I’ve found that wearing your comfiest pair to travel is the best option. Invest in some nice sports trainers for your City Breaks and thank me later. I’d then throw in a nice pair of shoes for at night, if you’re a fan of heels just pack the one pair plus a pair of flats. I prefer to go for the comfy trainers to travel and some nice mules with a smaller heel that can be worn casual or even for going ‘out out’.

I hope some of these tips help you out on your travels and don’t forget to drop your own packing tips in the comments!



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