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How to Score Cheaper Flights

We’ve all been there, constantly searching and comparing flight prices to try and bag the best deal but with a few tips and tricks you can make sure to save yourself time, stress and most importantly, money.


1. Be Flexible

Planning a trip but don’t want to spend over and above? Be flexible with when you can travel and also where.

Skyscanner is the perfect place to start. Use their ‘Cant Decide Where? Click here to search everywhere option’ when entering your ‘To’ location but if you have a place in mind, go ahead and enter that.

Then choose the ‘Find Cheapest Month’ option instead of opting for specific dates. This will then give you some ridiculously cheap flights and a list of great destinations but beware, you might think you’ve found a bargain but then realise you need to travel during that countries coldest months. If weather isn’t an issue go ahead, a lot of places are less crowded and hotels are cheaper when the weather is not so great. Take it from me, I still thought New York and Prague were amazing even in minus temperatures, otherwise you can enter in a specific month and find the cheapest destinations for that month.

Use EasyJets Inspire Me option. Just input your departure airport, choose when you want to go or choose anytime. You also have the option to select what kind of holiday you’d prefer, from City Breaks to Beach holidays.

Easyjet will then give you a whole host of destinations and prices. You might be inspired to travel somewhere completely new or find a great price for your annual getaway. Either way, this is a great way to bag yourself some cheap flights.

2. Reward Yourself

Sign up to British Airways Executive Club and get yourself a rewards card ASAP. This has saved me many times and I’ve managed to secure last minute direct return flights from London to Edinburgh and London to Prague for £35, even at the weekend, even with British Airways!

I’d recommend the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card, even better, find someone who already has one (me!) and get them to refer you, they get an extra 9,000 points (which is enough to get them a £35 return flight to Europe with British Airways).

Spend £2,000 in your first 3 months (a lot easier than you might at first think) and you get 20,000 bonus points. Convert these in to Avios via your British Airways Excutive Club and say hello to TWO return flights to European cities. You also get 1 point for every £1 spent so these will also add up to more Avios = more cheap flights.

The only downside to the Gold AMEX in my opinion is the £140 fee in the second year (the first year is free).

The British Airways American Express Credit Card is one that I have been thinking of getting alongside my Gold AMEX. There is no annual fee for this one and if you spend £1000 in your first 3 months you get 5,000 bonus Avios. You also get automatic enrollment in to their Executive Club too making it easy to grab those reward flights.

3. Give Your Opinion

E-Rewards is another great tool or earning Avios but I wouldn’t solely rely on it. Got a spare 20 minutes? Complete some surveys that can range from 100-600 points. 3,500 Opinion Points (doesn’t take long to earn) can be converted to 1,000 Avios. You also get 25 Opinion Points each time you don’t qualify for a survey which can really start to add up!

4. Get a Clubcard

If you don’t already shop at Tesco I’d recommend it and if you do make sure you’ve got a Clubcard. Every £1 you spend gets you 1 Clubcard point and your points are converted to vouchers every quarter. You can then convert vouchers to your British Airways Executive Club (£2.50 = 600 Avios).

This is another good way to build up your Avios whilst just spending money that you would spend anyway and really helps towards scoring those cheap Reward Flights!

5. Spend

As you can see, there are many ways you can increase the Avios in your British Airways Executive Club and the British Airways Avios e-store is another one of those ways. All you have to do is go to their E-Store, have a look through the many retailers they have and shop your favourite sites via the e-store. Each retailer has their own points/£s ratio and it can be pretty easy to gain Avios this way (especially when you’re getting 4 points for every £1 spent at ASOS!)

6. Keep it quiet

Open a new Incognito Window and browse for flights this way to make sure the sites don’t notice your flight searching habits and up their prices, resulting in you panic buying before they get even more expensive.

Enjoy your bargain flights & drop some of your tips and tricks in the comments.




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