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5 Tips to Score Cheaper Hotels

1. Hotel Tonight

If you haven’t got the Hotel Tonight App but you love to travel, I’d suggest downloading it immediately. They get unsold hotels rooms and offer them up at discounted price up to a week in advance.

You can find the coolest, stylish hotels via this app for a fraction of the price you’d normally pay so in this case booking last minute is usually worth it!

If you’re cautious like me, what I like to do is use’s amazing feature of reserving a hotel at a decent price but choosing the pay when you get there option and choosing a hotel that allows cancellation up to 24 hours before your stay. This way you have a decent price guaranteed but if you go on Hotel Tonight at the last minute and find something cheaper you can still cancel your reserved hotel. Win-win!

2. Get Rewarded

Take advantage of’s Genius Travel Rewards Programme. Book and stay at 5 hotels and they’ll then give you exclusive discounts and travel perks, ranging from 10% off select properties to late check-out and welcome drinks!

Also, with you have the option to refer friends, if they book and stay you get £15 for each referred friend and they’ll also get £15. If you fancy using my referral link I’ll love you forever – also offer you a free night if you book 10, best thing about this is that you choose how to collect those 10 nights, it can be a single stay or multiple trips!

3. Check out Business Hotels

Looking to book a hotel during the summer? Look in to Business Hotels, they are slower during the summer months and also at the weekends so rates can be lower.

4. Check-In Late

Looking for a cheeky upgrade? The best time to check in can be nearer the end of the day as hotels have a better idea of their availability at that time and are more likely to be able to offer you upgrades.

5. Hotel Rebook Trip

A lot of hotels offer free cancellation and pay when you stay, is a favourite of mine for this, and if you check back and your hotel price has dropped you can cancel your original booking and rebook at the cheaper price.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful and feel free to leave any others in the comments!


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