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5 Favourite Travel Apps

Hotel Tonight

The place to get the best discounts on the hotels of the moment.


So easy to use and love the feature where you can search for a city and see when the cheapest month to travel is. Great if you’re flexible with your travel plans.

Book and stay 5 times and get upgraded to a ‘Genius’ member, 10% off loads of hotels, welcome drinks and late check outs!

XE Currency

So easy to use and very accurate, great for helping you avoid overspending, especially if you’re on a budget break.

Bands in Town

If you’re a music fan this one’s for you, easily search for events and artists in different cities at specific times of the year.



  1. Thanks for this post. I’m always looking for traveling tips that are budget friendly. Do you have any app recommendations for cheap flights?

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    1. Glad I could help! For cheaper flights I’d suggest using Skynscanners option of being able to select the cheapest month to travel
      and go from there. Then I’d check direct with the airlines to see if it is any cheaper to book direct. I’d also recommend signing up to British Airways Excutive club and look for ways to build BA avios points. You can get them through Tesco Clubcard, online surveys, online shopping etc and then use them to get money off your flights 😊


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