Carb Heaven: 100 Montaditos

A trip to Spain wouldn’t be complete for me now without a trip to 100 Montaditos. Picture tapa-sized bread rolls with mouthwatering fillings. Eating here is a fun and unique experience that everyone should know about. Bread is key to the experience and at 100 Montaditos it is baked as and when you order.

The menu boasts 100 options to choose from and choosing is all part of the fun. I’d recommend 8 to 10 Montaditos for 2 people and a few sides. The Cruzcampo beer is a great choice to accompany your meal.IMG_3404

Fill out your slip with your selection of Montaditos, add any sides, desserts and drinks and you’re good to go. Head up to the bar, place your order, grab your beers and be pleasantly surprised at the price – most options are only 1 euro and we got all of the below for 14 euros in total!


Patiently waiting (and hoping) for one to open up in the UK!


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