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A Taste of: Japan in Covent Garden

Looking for a new dining experience? Head to Flesh and Buns where you’ll find traditional Japanese dishes with a twist.

I’d suggest ordering some chips and dip whilst you’re browsing the menu. Then go for the Edamame Beans – both spicy and salted versions, you won’t be able to put them down. The Grilled Broccoli and Roast Sweetcorn are amazing as are the Korean Fried Wings, they do have quite a kick though!

Now for the fun part, the flesh and buns.

I’d recommend 2 or 3 buns per person and for lovers of fish the Salmon Teriyaki is a must, you get two large pieces of salmon and lettuce on the side. Build your bun, add some soy sauce and you’re good to go!

The 1/2 Spatchcock Chicken, Portobello Mushrooms and Aus Grain-Fed Sirloin Steak were also firm favourites. Add some Asahi beer to accompany your meal or if you’re a red wine fan they have some great options. There is also a cocktail menu that includes slush Margaritas!

As there were 7 of us we ordered the Dessert Platter and were not disappointed, there was something for everyone and I particularly liked the chocolate option.


We could have added another main but overall this was enough food for 7 and the price was very reasonable.

The background sound track of old school rock and roll really adds to the chilled vibe of the place.

Check out this underground hot spot and, like me, you’ll want to go back as soon as possible!




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