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A Taste of: Tapas in Covent Garden

Looking for a cosy little spot in London to enjoy some Tapas? Head to Pix in Covent Garden.

I would recommend making a reservation as the place is quite small, ask for the table for 2 right next to the door and you’ll be in prime position to bag all the new dishes making their way out first.

It’s simple yet effective, help yourself to whatever Tapas you want (they bring out new items every five minutes so pace yourself) and at the end your Tapas sticks are added up. It’s £2.25 for a small stick and £3.25 for the larger sticks which is very reasonable for what you are getting.

There is a lot of choice, my favourites included the Four-cheese Fritters with tangy Plum Chutney, the Chilli & Coriander Marinated Chicken Kebab with Mint Yoghurt, Patatas Bravas with a Spicy Tomato Sauce and the Croqueta De Bacalao (Cod).

Other highlights include the Tortilla with Spinach, Piquillo Peppers & Feta Cheese and the Honey-glazed Cod Fritter with Fresh Lemon.

The dark chocolate dessert is made up of 70% dark chocolate and is an amazing way to end a great meal, enjoy!


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