48 Hours in Stockholm

From the best hot chocolate I have ever had to seeing Kendrick Lamar at the Ericsson Globe, Stockholm did not disappoint. Read on for inspiration on how to spend a couple of days in the Swedish capital.

Hotel: Radisson Blu Viking Hotel, just around the corner from where the Arlanda Express train stops. I would highly recommend using this method of transport to get you from Arlanda Airport in to the city centre, it only takes 20 minutes and is so easy to do. Nice hotel with a cool Sky Bar on the 9th floor and within walking distance to the Old Town. There is also a great little bar next door called The Laughing Duck which is open until 3am and serves food all night.

Find an ice rink and give it a go, the surroundings allow for some great photo opportunities too.

As we’d been watching Vikings on Amazon Prime we were interested in visiting the Viking Museum which is quite good if that is your thing and it is right next to the Vasa Museum so you can spend a morning at the museums.

The walk from the museums in to the Old Town is around 20 minutes and offers up the opportunity to take some more great photos.

Then you have the Old Town to wander around with plenty of bars and cafes to relax in.

Now on to the best hot chocolate I have ever had.

Right in the heart of the Old Town there is a small cafe called Chokladkoppen, you might have to wait for a table but it is worth it! The white hot chocolate is amazing, pair it with a chocolate muffin and you’re living the dream.

After exploring the Old Town take a walk over to Fotografiska, the photography museum that has the second best museum restaurant in the world. The exhibitions differ and we wandered through galleries showcasing 30 Years of Photographing Women. Have a drink in the cosy little bar on the top floor, they have a dj and a very chilled vibe.

On to dinner and Meatballs for the People is the perfect option. 5 minutes away from Fotografiska, if you can make a booking I’d recommend doing so but we were able to wait at the bar and had a table in no time. They offer up different flavours of meatballs and the classic beef meatballs were amazing.

If you can plan your trip when there is a gig on at the Ericsson Globe I would highly recommend doing so.

We saw Kendrick Lamar and it was unbelievable, the crowd was buzzing.

Go to the Tele2 Arena first and head to Oleary’s where you’ll then find yourself in a huge games room with bars throughout!

Do you have any tips for a city break in Stockholm? Drop them in the comments below and I hope you enjoyed mine!




  1. Brilliant review. Timely, too, as dad and son and daughter are going there for the weekend. Daughter is a Viking enthusiast, my son would love the music.

    Liked by 1 person

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